The history and origin of rap

The word “rap” comes from the English “rap” – knock, punch (a hint of the rhythm of rap). “To rap” also means “talk,” “talk.”

Later, erroneous bacronym theories emerged, according to which the word rap is supposedly an acronym. They were called transcripts like “Rhythm and Poetry”, “Rhythmic African Poetry” or “Radical American Poetry”, etc. However, “rap” in English is not spelled in capital letters and has the same root words – “rapping”, “rapper”, and the like. Mostly, such erroneous theories are found in non-English speaking countries.

Rap in its modern form appeared in the 1970s among African Americans in the Bronx, where it was “exported” by visiting Jamaican DJs. In particular, the ancestor of rap is called a Kool Herc DJ. Read rap initially not for commercial purposes, but for pleasure and did it at first, mostly DJs. It was an uncomplicated rhyming couplet addressed to the audience.

The spread of rap was greatly facilitated by the Negro amateur radio, which spun the music, fashionable among blacks, and quickly picked up a new style. The words “rap” and “rappers” became firmly entrenched in the style with The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” (1979)[3]. One of the first people to be called a “rapper” was radio host Jack Gibson, nicknamed “Jack Rap”. He organized one of the first envelopes dedicated to rap. [4]

Performing rhyming speeches right on the streets remains a tradition of black neighborhoods to this day. In addition, there were so-called “battles” – verbal fights, in which two rappers “twisted”, keeping the rhyme and rhythm. Battles can be not only swearing, it can be a rhyme text on a particular topic.

The term “hip-hop” to describe the genre appeared in the 1980s. Its introduction is ascribed to Africa Bambata, or Grandmaster Flash. The hip-hop genre and culture reached its peak in the 1990s. Also, “hip-hop” had a major impact on R’n’B music.

In Russia rap appeared in the 1980s with the development of discos and disjokeys in the USSR. The first magnetic album “Rap” was recorded in 1984 in Kuibyshev by discojockey Alexander Astrov and the band “Chas Pick”[5]. In the same 1984 DJ and singer Sergey Minaev composed and performed at disco clubs the song “Carnival” with rap elements.

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